Monday, 30 April 2018

All is calm.

Hello and welcome to my Monday Blog.

'Blue Stream'   Oils on canvas 16 x 16 inches

There is a sense of calm in this painting.
It is a re-work just finished and put into this float frame.

Here is the first 'draft'.  

I liked the right side but the left needed softening...

I poured solvent onto the surface and scrubbed with a brush,
 blotted with paper towel and scraped until a ghost image appeared.

Part of the old work is now there which gives a mysterious feeling.
The little scratch marks on the right were made with the pointed end of a brush.

This softened image gives me the impression of water.
All is now calm.


Below is a new piece on an old canvas with a dark underpainting.
The green area was left-over paint on my palette, spread randomly over the surface. 
 I used a squeegee and roller to move it about, scraping to reveal the dark underneath.

The used paper palette was used to blot the canvas leaving traces of blue and other colours. It now resembled grass and earth which gave me an idea for more marks.

Warmer colour was rubbed over the 'skyline' with a broad streak
of yellow to add light. Scribbles and scratches into the oils give a tangled effect.

This was painted very quickly resisting any tinkering.
It has a fresh, untroubled look of a wild landscape.

'Tangled'   Oils on canvas  16 x 16 inches. 

On with the show...

I now have three paintings to submit to the Lincolnshire Artists' Society
for the Summer Show in June.  If selected they will be in Sam Scorer Gallery, Lincoln.


They are from my new series of abstracted landscapes with a wild theme.
Now it is back to the easel to prepare for another show in July.

Until next week...
Thank you for visiting.

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