Monday, 2 April 2018


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'Going out with the tide'   Oils on panel  8 x 8 inches

You may have noticed I am very interested in painting the coastline.
I like the changing textures and shapes on the shore made by the tide.

This small study is about the shore.
 The tide is out and light is reflected in the thin layer of water over the sand.

This of course, is how I imagine it to be.
I am in my studio and not standing on the beach.

The small panel is actually my palette at the end of my day.
I noticed the colours and marks appeared to resemble a scene so I began
 teasing out this composition.  It was just a bit of fun but it works and I like it.

All change...

Wild Place   Oils on canvas board 10 x 12 inches

This piece has been on a long journey.
Several weeks ago it was put on one side to rest
 whilst I thought about what I wanted to do with it.

I began experimenting with cold wax medium mixed with the oils.
After a few layers and a bit of scraping back this was the result.

However, after a little tampering the following day I had completely
lost the painting and a totally different scene emerged.

All is not lost   Oils and cold wax medium 

Now the painting has dried I decided to place it in a frame.
I used a hand-painted wood frame which seems to work with 
the colours.  I think it reminds me of dunes with drifting sand.

All is not lost after all...

As long as it takes...

This is a piece of work on gessoed watercolour paper.
The gesso strengthens the surface and can withstand a
surprising amount of scraping and rough treatment.

My experiments with the cold wax and oils are taking me into
new territory and I have to say I am enjoying myself.

After drying a little, I began adding more layers and scraping back.
Here is the painting as I finished working on Saturday.

It is coming together and will be left to dry.
I might add some colour to the right of the red mark.

Scratching lines and patterns to reveal the underneath is part of the fun.


 Oils and cold wax on canvas board  10 x 12 inches

This painting is about abstracted shapes and colour.
I extended the background paint onto the frame.

It seems a gentle painting, easy on the eye.
I will leave this one and try not to tamper.

Until next Monday...
Thank you for visiting.

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