Monday, 9 April 2018


Hello and welcome to my Monday blog

Last week I had a big spring clean in my studio.
It was getting very cluttered with paintings of all sizes.

I was ruthless.  
Now I have many empty frames and a crate of rejected work.

I shall re-work them into new paintings.

Getting near the edge  Oils on box canvas 16 x 16 inches

This one has been re-worked and is hanging on the studio wall.
I have left a few marks from the previous one peeping through.

A black and white image shows the value range.

This is a handy way of knowing if the painting has balance.

Taking a deep breath.

Sometimes a complete overhaul is required.
I began making marks and thick paint to cover the original image.

After scraping back several layers to reveal the colours beneath
I added some Naples yellow.  I have left it to dry before moving on.

Repairing damage...

This is a stretched canvas which had a split at the top.
I nearly put it out for scrap but I removed the canvas from the stretcher 
and cut off the damaged part.  Then a coat of turquiose oil was brushed over the
image in a loose way.  I left parts of the first painting to show through.

A hand-painted frame completes the picture.
I propped it against the wall near an orange jug of old brushes.

Saving the day...

River walk   Oils on gessoed watercolour paper

This image was posted on my Blog last week.
It all went wrong when I wanted to add colour on the right side of the work.

A sea of mud emerged so I decided to crop that part off and resize it.
This is the finished adapted piece.  

Something old, something new...

Creek   Oils on panel  

Previously, this was a landscape featuring a lake.
Using loose brush strokes and a knife I turned it into another image with water.

Detail of the work
A close up view of some gestural brush strokes.

The Studio...

Work in progress.

Work is on easels and tables waiting for the next stage.

The large painting on the wall is a painting from 2007.
It will remain untouched...

Until next Monday...
Thank you for visiting.

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