Monday, 23 April 2018

This road is bumpy.

Hello and welcome to my Monday Blog

Caution in the wind

Oils and cold wax medium on panel and frame.

Last week I showed a photo of some paintings with their frames being painted. 
 They went from cream to dark grey brown, and back again.

  I still couldn't decide on their future so I threw caution to the wind
 and loosely painted the abstracted landscape onto the frame.
A few scribbles and scuffs were added for good measure.
It seems to work and I shall let the piece dry.

The painting road is a bumpy one...I have learned to take the rough
with the smooth and not get too emotional about the potholes.

Change of attire...

Framing is always difficult.
I am aware that viewers will have their own opinions and preferences.

Some of my work isn't framed at all.
The gallery wrap box canvases can look right without.

I paint the sides of a box canvas.
Sometimes continuing the image around the edge.
Others have the sides painted in a dark colour.

Dilemma...which one?

Tuesday afternoon  Oils on canvas board  10 x 12 inches

A new painting this week.
The off-white frame is looking a bit stark...

The same painting is in another painted frame.
I think the darker one is better.   

Taking the easy road...

Moor  Oils on canvas  8 x 8 inches

Another little landscape study painted at the weekend to take to the
  Lincolnshire Artisan's Market in Market Rasen on Saturday 30th June.

These small studies are a joy to make. I paint them quickly
and keep them loose and abstracted for a sense of place.

No real place however, just my own thoughts.

In the studio this week...

The painting on the table is still on the rocky road...hopefully not to ruin. 
It is the second experimental one using the frame as part of the image.

A long way to go yet but it is an exciting journey.

Time to go home...

The road home is a short one.
Our garden is turning green now the sun is shining.

Until next week...
Thank you for visiting.

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