Monday, 16 April 2018

Moving on in abstraction.

Hello and welcome to my Monday blog

Sketching a painting

This is a work in progress.
  A re-work over a piece painted in 2013.

I am using oils and a little cold wax medium here and there.
Using the end of a thin brush I have drawn into the paint making scratches and doodles.

This gives the impression of a sketch book on board.
It adds interest and a little intrigue.

Land or sea? 

 Another re-work on board in progress.
This is actually on the reverse of another painting.

Again, I have scratched marks in the wet paint to reveal the underpainting.
The frame will be re-painted too...possibly a dark almost black finish.

Making abstracted paintings

Abstraction is my favourite way to paint.
I love the surprises along the way which can determine the outcome.

Cold wax medium was mixed with the creamy green oils and knifed
over the already textured surface.  Paint clings to the raised bits like sparkles.

As soon as I had placed the cream paint and pulled it down the surface
I knew the painting was finished.  Stop now!

This was painted today and is drying in my studio.

I like the colour combinations of violet and soft greens with some warm yellows.
A watery shore?   Maybe.

All shapes and sizes

Colour and shapes.

This canvas begins another life.
My big clearance last week has certainly brought on a flurry of new work.

I feel as if I am in the flow and will keep painting whilst the feeling lasts.
The weather has not been kind for gardening but it is ideal for my studio work.


Tools of the trade

To keep my hands clean I wear vinyl gloves as I handle the oils.
This protects my skin from exposure to the paint but they get very messy
and each time I squeeze paint from the tubes I transfer the 'mud' as you can see.

The box is getting very low on materials so it must be evidence of my working day.

Moving stuff around

Little groups

My studio is always on the move.
I like to have my work around for encouragement and company.

Old canvases are also stacked here facing the wall ready for re-painting.
The large canvas in front was finished recently for a show later this year.  


Three under construction...

I am experimenting with paint finish on frames.

These have had a preliminary coat of oils using some of the colours from my palette.
    At present they are looking very scruffy as I am distressing them. 
 They will have several more coats and I am not sure how they will be in the end.
The exciting part is playing with them.

I might have them ready for showing you next week.

Until next Monday...
Thank you for visiting

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