Sunday, 29 March 2020

A little extra

Hello again from 
Wild at Heart Studio & Garden

(Detail of my rescued painting)

Good evening...

 I hope you are all keeping safe and warm.  

Here is another post for my Blog friends.

This time I thought you might like to 

see the progress in my wild garden.

A few signs of spring are encouraging. 

  My young Tree Peony has some buds...

I call it the Pickering Peony.

It was a gift from the garden of my artist friends
Pamela and John Pickering.

And the pots near the back door are looking happy.  

Some weeks ago I began a 90 day challenge 

clearing brambles but I have lost count of the days now.

The brambles are still rampaging 

around my wild garden. 

When the North wind eases I shall be 

out again to continue digging out the roots. 


 The birds are busy gathering nesting 

material from my untidy borders.

   I leave all the last years growth until 

now so there are still plenty of seeds 

and insects in the dead heads. 

Leaf litter and dead stuff give the 

blackbirds and thrushes a ‘wormery’.

New projects...

Making a new ‘raised’ vegetable plot is my 

main job at present so I can keep it weed free.


 It is on a gravelled area I have constructed 

at the rear of my studio.     

I have found some old plastic pots and tubs 

in the sheds which will get 

a coat of mixed leftover emulsion paint.  

The new ‘Privy’ will soon have a coat of paint. 

  This little plot is quite sheltered and sunny.

  Bees are already visiting the Viburnum bushes.  

 There will be some bee and butterfly 

plants in some pots too.

   As the garden centres are now closed 

I shall be taking cuttings and bits of 

perennial roots from around the garden.   

The peat free compost has arrived...

My new trolley is a great help 

for transporting heavy sacks.

The vegetable seeds are on order.   



There is not a lot of painting going on in the studio 

but I did finish a picture yesterday which 

has been a jolly nuisance for weeks.   

It was worked and reworked and very nearly went 

to the potting shed (pre-bonfire storage).  

 But...after putting it aside and giving 

my brain chance to recover from trying too hard....

a small patch of light green casually 

placed yesterday has given me fresh hope.   

Here is the picture...

’Taking a less travelled path’.

  Oils and cold wax medium on 24x36 inch box canvas.

I shall be back soon...

Until next time,

Thank you for visiting

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