Sunday, 4 January 2015

Bright and sunny with a good hoar frost.  The garden is looking wild and woolly but it has a textural quality with the frost on the seed heads and berries.

Malus 'Sentinel' fruits.

This could find itself included in one of my paintings.  Watch out for some of the shapes and colours.

I was involved in 'house-keeping' duties yesterday.  I mean in the art sense.  Printing labels for attaching to the back of my daily paintings.  Also applying a light coat of re-touch varnish to some of them.  I try not to have a shiny appearance on my work but a thin coat does give a little protection.   Some of the oil paintings already have a gloss due to the oil and any medium I may be using.  

These duties have to be done along with the office side of having a website but they take me away from my easel.  I try not to get side-tracked into management for long.  It is a comfort zone which can be distracting so back into my studio today for a little bit of painting.

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