Monday, 5 January 2015

I made a decision to stay out of my outdoor studio as the weather is too cold for me to paint comfortably.  It wasn't an easy decision as I like to paint alone but I have set up a studio corner in our conservatory.  This has better heating and good light so until the weather improves I can concentrate on my small paintings in the house.

I have been to town today and bought several new brushes, some gessoed boards in a variety of sizes and a folding table easel (not so space intrusive as my studio easel).    The easel will sit on a console table which has two drawers for materials.   Other purchases were two cardboard boxes with lids, and a matching folder to store reference sketches and photos. They can sit on the bottom shelf of the table.  

So...all set.   I am feeling quite pleased with myself.  Now the work can begin.

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