Monday, 9 March 2015

A way of 'seeing'

                  Land Patterns   Oils on stretched canvas   16 x 16 inches  

Three years ago I became interested in creating paintings which took a reference from nature yet did not depict it directly.  I wanted to make marks with oil paint that fitted in between abstract and representation.

I set about making my own stamp on things and experimented by making an under-painting to set the scene and after it was dry I 'attacked' the canvas with abandon adding colour and sculpting the image with a brush.

This was the first finished piece and was spotted by a gallery who invited me to paint more of them to exhibit in 18 months.  I rose to the challenge and had a solo show last year.

These paintings are very different to my small figurative realist paintings and some viewers of each have their own strong opinions which they seem to enjoy airing in my presence. Undaunted, I shall continue to paint both.  

I shall be moving back into my garden studio now the weather is improving so the joy of facing a new stretched canvas to make paintings for my 2016 show awaits.  

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