Saturday, 14 March 2015


                                        Twice as Blue   Oils on stretched canvas 2014
                                       New 'morphed' image of the painting below...

Colour Form 3   Oils on stretched canvas 
First painting 2012

Here is an example of how my work can become a new painting by re-working parts of the canvas.  This one began as Colour Form 3  in 2012 and at the time I was happy with my picture which hung in my studio.

A year or so later when preparing work for a solo show I had an idea of partly destroying the image to create a different piece.  Looking at both images it is possible to see where I made the changes in colour and shapes.  Colour Form 3 lost the soft organic feel and became harder edged and more of a still life than landscape.

Twice as Blue is now in a black float frame and was displayed in a show at Sam Scorer Gallery in September 2014.  It has returned to my studio/gallery.

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