Friday, 13 March 2015

Composition and Value

Beside the Point    Oils on stretched canvas   ( Cropped image from square to show a vertical format )   NFS

Composition and values, I am told, are fundamentals of creating an interesting image.  Colour comes third.  In this painting I am happy with all three...each time I look there are places to explore.  The painting began with an under-painting, quite high key.  Then I wanted to see how far I could push it before I destroyed it.  Leaving parts of the first image showing, a new one emerged as I cut in with deeper colours making new shapes.  Here is a second image of the painting altered to black and white which show the values.  A good test when checking if the painting 'works'.  I am happy with it.

Beside the Point 2   (Monochrome image changed on the computer)

Fusion   Oils on stretched canvas ( cropped image of the original under-painting)

Here is part of the first painting cropped to the same format in my examples.  Although it has interesting parts I have no regrets about re-working it to make the second one.  Seeing the monochrome image with this one I am able to remember where I worked around the design keeping certain shapes and creating others.

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