Tuesday, 27 September 2016

A wild day.

Road from Old Bolingbroke   Oils on Ampersand Gessobord
8 x 10 inches   SOLD

The Lincolnshire Wolds on a very rough day.
Sun highlights the harvested fields.
The journey home from a plein air painting day with friends.

Studio Musings...

The second of my adventures on the Ampersand board.
This time I prepared the support with Gesso and Polyfilla to give more 'tooth'.

This was a recipe I learned from artist Brian Ryder.

In a jar I put a tablespoon of Polyfilla powder, a table spoon of Gesso
and a mix of Acrylic paints to make a soft grey blue colour, added some water 
and then stirred well to a nice paintable consistency.

I applied a coat and left it to dry.

When dry the surface felt slightly rougher and at first the oils gripped and stayed in place.
As I progressed I found the paint began to slide around again a little but I realised my technique had to change with this type of support.  Lay it on and leave.

I think this painting is an impovement and I like the result.

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