Thursday, 15 September 2016


Lavender Track   Oils on canvas board   12 x 10 inches   

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Warm and sultry, evening comes to the lavender fields.

Studio Musings...

I love to create something from another piece of work.
This image 'Winter's Evening' was sitting in my studio just waiting to be changed.

From this to this

I liked the vertical format and most of the composition so I decided to keep that.
The main change was colour and a transition from winter to summer.

I used a one inch flat brush and did a little work with a knife to sculpt the oils.
My colours were Phthalo blue, Cerulean, Magenta, Cadmium orange hue, Lemon and white.

Recently I have liked using the orange mixed with blue to make an interesting green.
My colour palette is always kept to a minimum as I enjoy blending the paint.

The painting morphed into an evening landscape with lavender fields in mind.
Purely imaginary and a pleasure to work.

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