Sunday, 3 September 2017


Wild  Oils on gessoed watercolour paper

Textured and gestural.
 Wild aspects of the coastline.

Studio Musings...

 This painting changed life several times.
Rubbed down, scraped off and nearly scrapped.

The only way out was adding more paint and getting gestural.
I think I had previously fiddled with the image too much.
It became more interesting and now I like it.


Some might question the wisdom of using watercolour paper for oils.
Especially if not protected by glazed framing.

However, I have found this a useful ground after some preparation.
I gesso each side of the paper twice to give it protection and stiffness.

The dimpled paper surface holds onto some oil when scraped back.  I like this effect.
When dry, I give the painting a coat of re-touching varnish for temporary protection.

The paper may be bonded to a support if wished.
 I use either foam board or gessoed hardboard to support the paper in the frame.

Without glass the oils can harden off and there is no reflection.
I have also learned to keep the picture in a dry place.

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