Monday, 30 October 2017

Making changes and other studio musings...

Good morning from my studio.

Here is a look at the past week's work.
A new series is on the easel and there are already some changes...

Ridgeline   Oils on canvas  8 x 8 inches

This small canvas has had a change this week.
I liked the previous image but adventure got the better of me
and it has undergone some destruction and emerged as a new creation.

I think the re-worked painting has more life and energy.

(The title has been suggested by a follower on Instagram).

Here was the first image...

I added more to my collection of textured paintings.

Pause   Oils on canvas  8 x 8 inches

This painting is about the shore at ebb tide.
Oil paint has been applied thickly in parts and sculpted with a brush and knife.
I like the lush feeling of water and wet mud.

(Another choice of title from a follower on Instagram).

Creek   Oils on canvas  8 x 8 inches  

The shore at low tide with wet marsh, mud and sea water.
Little rivulets and creeks will fill again when the tide turns.

Marshland is full of life with bird visitors to feed when the mud is exposed.
Light shines on the wet grasses and soft mud.

Abstracted to give a sense of place and a hint of reality.

I shall continue my journey with these small canvases.
They will be placed in simple black float frames and kept for a future show.

Now it is back to work and more of these to paint.

Until next Monday...
Thank you for visiting.

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