Monday, 6 November 2017

Transitions and other studio musings...

Good morning and welcome to my Monday blog.

I have had a busy week preparing 6 paintings for a forthcoming show.
My selection of 3 pairs of work highlights the transition from reality to beyond.

Each pair has one work which is abstracted but still has some reality.
The other piece is more abstract featuring shapes and colours of the place.

These will be part of the Lincolnshire Artists' Society
Winter Exhibition in Sam Scorer Gallery, Drury Lane, Lincoln.

The show called 'Transitions' begins on Tuesday 7 November until Sunday 19 November
Open from 10 am until 4 pm.

The small series...

       I am continuing my experiments
                                                   with the 8 x 8 inch canvases.


 Three more seascapes featuring the shore at low tide.

This seascape has been added to my gallery.

The Lincolnshire coastline is a favourite place for me to paint.
This piece was inspired by a walk near Humberston.

Light on sandbanks and the winding creek are visible at low tide.
They will soon be covered when the tide turns.

Oils on board 16 x 12 inches
in a hand-painted wood frame.

I have had this painting in my studio but it is 
time to let it become available for a new home.

A new piece this week...

I like to vary my work and this piece is an imaginative landscape.

It has a sense of mystery and wilderness.

Oils on canvas board 10 x 12 inches
in a hand-finished gold coloured frame.

Until next Monday...
Thank you for visiting.

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