Monday, 27 November 2017

Re-unions and other studio musings...

Hello and welcome to my Monday blog.

For the last few days I have been preparing four paintings
for a group show in Sam Scorer Gallery, Drury Lane, Lincoln.

It is the called the 'Re-union Show' and is for 18 past exhibitors
 celebrating the Gallery...opening on 12th December for two weeks.

Choosing work for this show I decided to submit two landscapes
 and two seascapes of similar sizes and framing.

Here they are...available for a new home.

Sandmarsh  Oils on gessoed watercolour paper

Hedgerow  Oils on gessoed watercolour paper

Shore   Oils on board

Winter Fields  Oils on board

Keeping warm...

The weather is turning cooler in my studio so I light the woodburner
stove most days.  It makes a big difference and gives a cheery light.

I have a new arrived this week.
A Kindling Cracker designed by a young girl in New Zealand.

Here she is on the box...Ayla Hutchinson

   A cast iron chopper for firewood using a lump hammer
to knock the log down onto the 'blade'.


Safer than using an axe, this will be a great tool for a woodburning painter.
Now I have plenty of firewood for lighting the stove on cold mornings.

Meeting new friends...

I like to use the Internet to meet other painters and see their work.
Over the past few years I have made several painting friends 
around the world and I enjoy this way of being in an art community.

I have previously mentioned I enjoy watching Brian Rutenberg's YouTube videos.
If you are interested to see what he does with oil paint visit

Another favourite is Mitchell Albala.  
I like his subtle atmospheric oil paintings.
His blog is informative and full of useful painting tips.

Something I am currently studying is the technique of using
cold wax medium.  I have bought a small jar to experiment.
Mixing it with oils it looks quite exciting so this week I shall give it a try.

Here is a link to a site I found whilst exploring the web.

Before I go...

I would like to share a link to Kim VanDerHoek's blog.
She writes interesting notes about painting and the use of colour.

That's about it for this week...
I shall read some of these blogs now.

Until next Monday...

Thank you for visiting


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