Monday, 20 November 2017

Staying loose and other studio musings...

Hello and welcome to my Monday blog.

I have been continuing my series of small canvases.
They are just right for a short painting session.

Sketch painting on a small canvas 8 x 8 inches is like playing scales on a piano.
It loosens up the 'painting muscle' in my head.

No fussing or fiddling is the best way and I often find the 
most acceptable pieces happen in the first 15 to 30 minutes.

  After this I am tempted to tighten up which usually means trouble
 leading to destruction.  Destruction sounds severe but by scraping off the
oils and rubbing down the canvas I can begin again.

Here is a little one drying... 'Still'  8 x 8 inches

I think I might have been thinking of wild ponds.

Close-up of 'Still'. 
 This highlights the marks, scratchings and luscious oils.

There are not many sketch books or preparatory drawings in my studio.
It isn't my style.  I rarely plan anything in a formal way preferring a 
spontaneous application.  This way I can let my imagination free.

However, I do look around my studio paintings for ideas.
Parts of a painting might stand out and give me an idea.

Some examples are here...

This is a section of 'Icy Wild'

I can see this enlarged as an abstracted landscape.

The whole painting of 'Icy Wild'

Another detail of a textured piece...

It would be fun trying this as a larger painting but I think
it could be difficult to repeat.  I sense it going its own way.

This one might be useful as an abstracted seascape.
It has a few energetic marks and plenty of calm places for the eye to rest.

This detail is about marks and colour.
It is actually in the same painting as the one above.

Here is the painting they both come from...

'Golden Coast'  40 x 30 inches  Oils on canvas.
Now available for a new home.

My new addition to the studio is a woodburner stove.
Previously I have had to bring all my art into the house each winter.

Lighting the stove each day helps the timber building to stay dry, warm and aired. 

Back to work now...until next Monday

Thank you for visiting.

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