Saturday, 18 May 2019

All change.

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‘Sapphire blue on a Summer’s day’

Oils and cold wax medium on 20 x 20 inch canvas 

I am happy to say my painting disaster 
last week has now turned a corner.

Just to remind you...

This was the beginning...

Then there was this ‘ugly stage’’
after trying anything to move it on.
I decided to lock the studio door and walk away.

Turning the canvas round I added more vibrant blue 
and some soft creamy yellow. 
 Little fragments of green here and there 
are a reminder of my previous struggle.

It is reminiscent of the coastline in summer.  
I like it.

Today was a good day.

Several new small pieces are drying on my tables.

‘Passage into Night’

Oils and cold wax medium on 6 x 6 inch canvas board 

This little picture only took minutes to make. 
It was a reject from the studio cupboard
with a black under-painting and a 
few left-over colours from my palette.  

Sometimes I think the faster I work brings more 
success than toiling over a difficult piece and fussing.  

On a roll, I decided to give this little picture a re-vamp.

Using some Burnt Sienna and Indian Yellow 
I swept it over the surface and 
then scraped some away. 

Finally, a mix of Indian Yellow and Titanium White
was used for the swirl of cream.

Some scratching into the wet paint
 completed the picture.

‘Bang the drum, Summer is next’

Oils and cold wax medium on panel.

Until next time...
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