Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Sometimes it rains.

Hello and welcome to my Blog.

The view from my studio.
A tranquil scene on a sunny day in May.

I am laughing as I write today.
My last post was a cheerful one about 
two little pictures which were easy to make. 

Now I remember my Mother’s words...
“pride comes before a fall”.

Today I have two paintings on the table in my studio.
They have been worked and scraped down, reworked 
and left to dry as I decide what to do with them.

Nothing was going well...
It was just ‘one of those days’.  

I will share them with you...

A 20x20 inch canvas.

This was the first stage.
I was ‘stuck’ and needed to experiment.

Wondering where to go with it,
I added more colour...
and now it looks worse.

There are too many bits and pieces.
I do like the blue at the top and maybe the pinks,
but the yellow and green will have to go.  

When it is dry I shall rework it.  

Next I was battling with this one 
a 16 x 16 inch canvas.

It was similar to the first painting.

I added more colour and now it looks messy.
The yellow and green are not right.

Maybe I will bring the blue back and take away
the yellow and green when it is dry.

The best option is to leave them for a while
and move on to something else.

Calm is restored..

On a positive note I have another painting 
which seems to be going reasonably well.

It has a sense of calm.
I shall resist fiddling with it.

Oils and cold wax on 24 x 24 inch canvas.

Until next time...
Thank you for visiting.  

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