Sunday, 12 May 2019

Sunny times.

Today was a good day at the office.

Sometimes there are days when my 
pictures almost paint themselves.

This was an improvement on yesterday’s work
which was a disaster.  Three canvases had to be
scraped down and set aside for re-working when dry.

I wanted to show you these two little oil studies 
which behaved well and were a joy to make. 

They are both oils and cold wax medium 
on 8 x 8 inch vinyl panel.

I think the success came from painting quickly 
and resisting the temptation to fuss.

Bold strokes were laid down and left.
A few scribbles in the wet paint 
revealed the colours beneath.

They are bright, happy little pictures 
and remind me of a seaside holiday.

Until next time...
Thank you for visiting.  


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