Saturday, 12 October 2019

Over the edge.

Pushing on...

Dark and mysterious...

This painting was made from leftovers on my palette.
I left it to dry thinking it was finished. 

Not so...

A few days later I decided to push it further.
There is nothing to lose from trying.
I will return to this in a while.

I was already making changes to another picture...
It was a ‘busy’ composition and it was annoying me.  

Here it is...

A red/plum colour was mixed and added to calm it down.
The picture had too many ‘things’.
It needed taming.

Here it is after my changes...
immediately there is a sense of rest, yet 
there is still plenty going on.

My eye can quickly travel around the picture 
taking in the shapes and brighter colours.

Then I can settle on the duller red to pause 
before moving on.

‘Touched by the sun’

Oils and cold wax medium on canvas.

....There may be a little change yet 🤔🎨

Returning to the first painting...

This leftover red/plum colour was used with a roller 
Pressing hard to make sweeping marks at the bottom.

I left the top alone as I liked the dark marks against 
the jade green/blue of the background.   
The broad marks are simple, just two
running in different directions.

I have titled it ‘Passage into night’.

It reminds me of the ethereal colours in a garden at dusk.
It remains dark and mysterious but has a stronger appearance. 

What has this to do with jumping over the edge?


I could have played it safe and left the works alone.
They were not really very bad paintings.
However, going beyond safety is exciting.

Venturing into the unknown we can win or lose...
Sometimes the painting doesn’t survive.

Nicholas Wilton (USA painter) says...

“We need to step up, even if it is scary”

“How far can you go?”

“Don’t settle”

Nicholas Wilton

Until next time...
Thank you for visiting.

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