Friday, 25 October 2019


Hello and welcome to my Blog...

‘Say it with Orange’

Oils and cold wax medium on panel 
in a hand-painted black wood frame.

....Today I read some encouraging quotes
which inspired me to write this blog.

They are all from Sara Genn,
 The Painter’s Keys Newsletter.
She selected these to include in her letter this week.
I have copied them here to share with you. 

Alone, and without any reference to his neighbours, without any interference, the artist can fashion a beautiful thing;” 

wrote Oscar Wilde.

“In solitude, we give passionate attention to our lives, to our memories, to the details around us,” 

wrote Virginia Woolf

“If you are alone,” wrote Leonardo da Vinci, “you belong entirely to yourself.”

After giving this some thought I must agree.

Solitude is important for my own working practice.

I am fortunate to have a space of my own 

for making my art. This is essential for me to 

abandon all outside influences and concentrate 

on moving paint around, making marks.  

‘Belonging entirely to myself’...I lose track of time

when entering my world of imagination.

‘Every turn of the tide’

Oils and cold wax medium on canvas 

An example of an imaginative view of the shore.  

Simple marks and texture give an abstract view.  

The picture has a feeling of solitude.

More studio musings....

Below are parts of a recent painting...

Zooming in and cropping reveal

a few intriguing images.   

They could all be paintings in their own right. 

These little images are possible ideas for 

another piece of work.   

They are all taken from this painting...

‘Eight days a week’

Oils and cold wax medium on canvas 

I love this picture.   It currently hangs in my home.

That’s all for now...

Until next time,

thank you for visiting.

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