Thursday, 15 October 2020

Keeping calm

And definitely carrying on.

'Red mist rising'

Since my last post I have been thinking...
there is a lot to be said for being calm and restrained.

My touch of restraint has moved on to an 
exciting new group of paintings.


I have had an enormous cull in the studio.
No paintings have been scrapped,
just put in a corner facing the wall!

I may well return to them and rework parts.

My website has been updated too.

'Another time, another place'

This painting has been on a very long journey.
I dare not show the previous images but 
take my word for it...

For now it will hang with the others as part
of the new series.

'A glimmer of hope'

The last time this was on an outing it was
in Sam Scorer Gallery, Lincoln in the Nadin Show.

As soon as I brought it home I knew it had to change.
This is the new image.
I like it a lot.

'The last time I saw this place'

Oh my...this one has had a revamp for the third time.
It has a calmer feeling and joins the others in the group.

Here is an old-timer.
It's been moved to a more prominent position.
Loose and relaxed, with a hint of mystery.

'Twilight fades the blue'

This painting has a touch of chaos...
and hangs on a wall in my home.

It won't join the studio group but will stay for now,
until I decide whether to give it a makeover. 

'Glimpses of Chaos'

So there it is.
Some day I shall open my studio again for visitors.
In the meantime I shall continue to ramble along here.

I hope you keep me company.
Thank you for visiting.

Here is our wild garden where I walk with
my whippet boy Brodie.

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