Sunday, 25 October 2020

Opposites attract

Autumn v Spring

Red and green...

The opposites on the colour wheel
are complementary.

Both colours are around me in my garden and farmland.
Bright spring green is a carpet of new sown crops
whilst reds in berries and leaves are the autumn curtains.

The painting began quite differently...
it was mainly blue and a splash of yellow.

This didn't last long however,
as I wanted to remove the yellow.

Deciding green was the best way to go
I mixed a pile of paint.

That got the yellow out of the way.

I could have stopped there but after that it all got ugly
as the painting was overworked and going rapidly downhill.
Time to leave it.

Next day I must have been inspired by
the sun on all the autumn finery.

It was time to go red.
Enough of the green.

The canvas was turned round and layers
of reds were rolled on with a brayer.

Some green was left to remind me of the fields.

Here is the painting drying on the table.

'Autumn on my mind'

Oils and cold wax medium on 24 x 24 inch canvas 

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