Monday, 15 March 2021

Choosing colours

Spoilt for choice...

A world of colour sits in my paint trolley.


The choice is entirely mine,
there are no rules.
It is a personal thing.


I love bright colour but I have noticed 
that some colour combinations 
look better for my monotype prints. 


Neutral colours seem happy in the off-white 
mount mat and simple black frame.


I like the sense of mystery about these prints.
Many are like abstract landscapes.

Some are purely shapes and marks,
lines and scratches but they tell a 'story'.


It seems incredible that only a few weeks ago
this adventure with printmaking was just starting
whilst taking a break from my oil painting.

After some trials with different inks and paint
I settled with Golden Open Acrylics.
My favourite paper is smooth white 200-300gsm.


The slower drying of Golden Open is helpful 
when pulling the print from a gel plate. 
 I have time to manipulate the paint and paper.

I think my printmaking will continue.

That's all for now.
Thank you for visiting...

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