Sunday, 28 March 2021


Here comes Spring...

This means I have to share my art with the garden

Shorter painting sessions may be an advantage,
as working too long can lead to fussing with detail.

I like my prints to be loose and imaginative 
without any literal representation.

They are really just abstract landscapes.

My monotypes are on 300gsm A4 smooth white paper 
using a gel plate and Golden Open acrylics.



My print room is in a spare bedroom at home.
At the end of January I decided to make a 
dedicated space in the house for pulling prints.

Here are some photographs of my work area... 

I use a long table over the end of the bed,
on risers to bring up the height for working.

A sheet of acrylic is taped down on the table
with my gel plate sitting on top.
The gel plate sticks well to the acrylic sheet and 
is easy to peel off for washing in a sink.

Clean up is simple.

The Golden Open Acrylics dry slowly.
Most of the paint is transferred to the
paper so there is little paint to remove from
the gel plate.  Any acrylic paint left on the plate 
is removed with a water spray bottle, 
paper towels or wipes.

Trolleys are handy for storage.

Drying prints...
A folding picnic table holds work in progress 
and a card rack on the bed behind my table
is useful for drying the prints without smudging.

I store my dry finished work in 
archival boxes to keep them flat.

Here are some more recent prints...





Anyone who follows my art journey 
might be wondering if I have abandoned 
my oil and cold wax paintings.

No... I haven't.
I shall run the two side by side.

Now the clocks have gone forward,
warmer weather will soon entice me 
out to work in my garden studio.

There are some unfinished oil paintings 
and frames to prepare for forthcoming Shows.

The first Lincolnshire Artists' Society 
Group Show is in the Stables Gallery,
Doddington Hall, near Lincoln,
from14 May until 31 May 2021

One oil painting submitted for the Show.


Oils and cold wax medium on 12 x 12 inch canvas 

That's all for now.
Until next time...
Thank you for visiting.

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