Sunday, 7 March 2021


Studio goals...

In the winter months I try to build
up a body of work which will be
entered into local exhibitions.


Monotype on A4 smooth white paper 

My workload in the wild garden will 
soon commence when the weather improves.

Our land is on the heavy side so it
stays wet and muddy until spring.

Also, I delay cutting last year's growth 
back until the insects emerge.
Overgrown is natural here and we
have a varied population of wildlife.

I saw this poster on Facebook last week..
it is a reminder that I am not being lazy.
My wild garden can wait until then.

In the meantime my aim is to 
print more acrylic monotypes.

They can be stored in my archival box files
ready to take in a browser to the gallery in June.

My goal is to have a collection of 
60 matted monotypes ready to frame
and 140 loose prints in boxes.


Monotype on A4 smooth white paper 

Pulling prints is a satisfying process but
not every print is successful.

For every finished monotype there
are many failures in the bin.
Overworking them is the main culprit
and totally my fault.

If too many layers are applied, the paint 
can appear laboured and contrived.

When a fresh sheet of paper is laid 
on the plate, there is a 'grab' as 
the surface latches on to the paint.

This lessens as the acrylic paint dries,
and the next layer sits loosely on top.

A squeegee or scraper can make
interesting marks and scratches 
but I need to be careful not to overdo it.


Monotype on A4 smooth white paper 

At first I experimented pressing objects
into the paint but now I avoid using
 any mechanical aids like stencils or shapes. 

I like a loose abstracted style.

Nowhere in particular,
more the atmosphere of a wild place.
Or just shapes and tonal shifts.


Monotype on A4 smooth white paper 

I choose not to make any plan or sketch prior to my work.  
 Even the initial colour choice can be random.

However, my first multicoloured monotypes 
have given way to more subdued colours.

I particularly like the tonal images, 
the contrast of darks and light.

The print below is an example...



Monotype on A4 smooth white paper 

That's all for now...
until next time 

Thank you for visiting.

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