Sunday, 18 October 2015


                        Stubble and Sun   Oils on board  4 x 6 inches   

Autumn and colour.  The two go together like peaches and cream.  The farmland in our Lincolnshire county is a tapestry of shapes and colour and more so in autumn as the leaves turn and garnered fields are ploughed.

The hedgerow and edge of this stubble field could be anywhere.  It doesn't matter. What is important is the possibility of creating a piece of art which might re-kindle a thought or feeling of delight in the viewer.

Creating art is my passion.  I am happiest when I have a blank canvas (board, paper etc) and my palette loaded with luscious oils to begin another journey into 'Anne Wood Land'.

I think my inspiration to paint the landscape 18 years ago may be credited to the late Edward Seago, a Norfolk landscape painter.  He captured light and atmosphere in all his work and when I saw his paintings I was hooked.  I wanted to discover these same 'abstract qualities' in the world around me and attempt to create something from what I saw and felt.  In my own way.

Over time I have discovered my own painterly 'handwriting' which has changed and evolved into what you see today.  It has taken hours of painting, scraping off, rejecting, learning, experimenting and working day after day.  These hours are valuable and well spent.

                                    Thank you Edward Seago for your priceless legacy.

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