Monday, 12 October 2015

Testing, testing.

      Of the Moment   Oils on watercolour paper  7 x 11 inches  ON HOLD

Test piece  

 This study was a trial to see how far I could go with oils and abuse of the paper surface.   It seems I could really take liberties and here is a very textured study of storm clouds over the harvested fields.   I threw lots of paint at this painting and scraped back several times.

On completion I was ready to discard the piece but in the interests of research and development it was not a failure so I decided to post it for all to see!

When I joined Daily Paintworks I made a commitment to paint daily and post my art online.  I realised my resolution to post everyday depended on completed work and after proclaiming to the world I would blog daily there was no turning back.  

Persistance has been the key.  I feel happy about (most of) my work and I credit this to making the effort to stay with it through good and bad.  If a piece is destroyed..(and there are some)... I paint another.  And another.   

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