Saturday, 24 October 2015

Make haste...

          Broxholme Fields   Oils on watercolour paper   7.5 x 11 inches   ON HOLD

Taking an opportunity before the chance has gone.  The ploughed field would soon be levelled and sown with a new crop, losing the lovely textures and colours in the sun.

I walked with Whippet through the trees to the bottom of our garden and this scene 'confronted' me.  It was 10.30 on an October morning with a clear blue sky looking west across these arable fields.  The hedgerow on the left finished before the end of the field letting the sun stream across the remaining stubble.

Watercolour paper is a joy to work on.  The gessoed surface stiffens the support and allows me to scrub and scrape creating interesting textures without piling on too much thick paint. 

A simple scene, with plenty of perspective and light.  I enjoyed taking this opportunity. 

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