Tuesday, 10 November 2015

On stony ground.

              Limestone Ridge   Oils on watercolour paper   5 x 7 inches   

Fields with limestone interest me when the plough has left ruts and wheelings with the up-turned lime stones visible on the surface.  When the crops grow the stone is hidden. So before or after is the best time to look. 

Sunlight shows this stone at its best with a creamy texture on the ground.  I began the piece with a large brush blocking in the shapes and approximate colours.  This stage was done with the paper upside down. 

Next, I turned it round and used an angled brush to scoop and scrub the thicker paint into the shape of the tractor wheelings.  Then I used a flat knife to scrape the paper for the pebbled effect taking advantage of the paper's own dimpled surface.

The sky was given a cloud effect with the knife which blended with the blues and violets.
A quick, light gestural scrape down with a loaded knife suggested more soil or stone on the ridge of the field.

                                                               Job done.

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