Saturday, 21 November 2015



              Sunset on Frozen Lakes   Oils on canvas board   5 x 7 inches   SOLD

A great deal of painterly licence has been employed in this little study.   And why not?  This is what paint is for.  To enable the painter to put a personal stamp on the work.

I love sculpting the oil paint with brush and knife.  A flourish here and a scrape there.  

It sounds so easy...however, this can be far from the truth as scraping in a different sense happens more times than I care to mention.  It would be tempting to abandon the work but I am known for my determination.  This painting went through three lots of remedial work...tonking, scraping, wiping and finally......something went right and I called it a day. 
                                                           Time for supper.



  1. I know your paintings do not take place because of magic.

    But they do!

    1. Ha ha Dotty, I like it. Maybe the whole art world is magic. xx