Monday, 2 November 2015

Slowing down.

Autumn Fields   Oils on watercolour paper  5 x 7 inches   SOLD

Goodbye to the spring sown crops and the fields lie relaxing briefly before the tractor moves in to prepare for next year.   The stormy sky adds colour to the scene .

A change of support for this study...last time I painted on a 4 x 6 inch board.  Increasingly I am painting on gessoed watercolour paper as I like its texture.   Until recently I painted oils on board or canvas but I needed to paint on paper for a forthcoming art show.

Now I am hooked and enjoying the process.  I will continue to use the other supports but now have another alternative.  I was a little concerned about framing work on paper as oils need to be exposed to air for drying out over a period of time and glass would prevent this.

 There is a solution.

The paper was gessoed on both sides before painting.  When the oils are dry I apply a coat of re-touch varnish which adds some protection to the surface.  Then the painting can be framed adding an acid free backing board behind it to give added support.  

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