Sunday, 27 November 2016

Rabbit territory.

Summer Fields   Oils on canvas board   £ 50   $ 65

Hedgerows and fields where rabbits play.

Studio musings...

Mark making.  That is it.  I make marks each day to tease
 out a composition which might resemble something I have experienced.

Where I live I am immersed in landscape daily in all weathers and 
 see the effects of rain, snow, sun and wind on the fields around me.

I sometimes take photographs but mostly I just observe 
and absorb the place, living the occasion. That is enough.
 I make pictures which can remind me of something I have once seen.
Not an exact replica...that is not my desire.  I do not want perfection.

I could never reach perfection as I paint...a perfect painting of a landscape would be too difficult for me to achieve.  I would be wiping off, scraping down, beginning again for ever.

The joy and spontaneity would be gone.  Perfection would become a dictator and I a slave.
No...I will continue to make marks and have the thrill of standing back to view my work realising that my loose brush stroke has suddenly become the landscape I wanted.

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