Sunday, 6 November 2016

Tide's out.

Coastal Tones 2   Oils on canvas board  7 x 5 inches   £ 60   $ 75 

A range of tones on this coastline.

Studio Musings...

Imagination plays a large part in my working day.
I placed three small canvas boards in a row on my easel and made a start.

Using a limited palette of colour I wanted to practice my tonal skills.
With a large brush and dark paint I scrubbed it onto the board.

Just shapes to begin with and nothing particular in mind. 
I let my mind wander and soon a composition began to appear.
Lightening the scene I worked up the board to the top.

The painting gradually moved away from initial abstract shapes towards realism.
My exercise had become a seascape albeit imaginary.

During this time my only conscious decision had been to make 5 tonal values in the picture.
I think I achieved this and I like the painting.  More will be posted later.

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