Wednesday, 26 February 2020


Let the paintings speak...

‘Full Effect’

This picture speaks to me in a cheerful voice.  
I cannot feel unhappy when I see it.

Is it the colour?
Or the design?

Or is it a conversation?

A conversation in different voices...
Some are soft whispers,
Others are loud and shrill.

These voices happen when parts 
of a picture are of different ‘values’.  
Dark against light.

The difference makes us take notice.

Changing the image to ‘noir’ 
shows how the conversation varies.  

There are black parts, mid grey, and white.
These are actually colours but this image
shows how different ‘values’ make the painting ‘pop’.
The light against dark has the loudest voice. 

Too much loud talking will be tiring
so a few soft passages are restful.   
The mid grey tones are quieter.  

A few loud areas can bring a dull painting to life.
Also differences in texture and hard edges.

Here is a picture in my studio which 
has been re-worked several times.

It now has a dark, brooding feeling.
Although I like it I wanted to push it further.

I wanted it to shout a little.

The next stage...

A few changes...
and some lighter marks.

But it feels messy.
I rested it overnight to dry a little.  

Small detail of the picture...

Here is the complete painting with 
both loud and quiet conversations.

These are translated into a combination of...

Value changes,
Light against dark,

Sharp and blurred,
Soft and hard.
Smooth and textured.  

I shall leave it to speak for itself.

‘No words’

Oils and cold wax medium 
on 36 x 48 inch canvas.

Until next time...
Thank you for visiting.

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