Sunday, 16 February 2020

Which way is the right way?

Telling a story...

I painted this picture today as Storm Dennis
was lashing rain and wind outside my studio.

It took a long time to reach a conclusion.
Several times I scraped it back and rubbed out overworked parts.
I wanted a loose abstracted feeling.
A sense of place.

Detail of the painting.

This small area became the focus in 
a suggestion of a desolate shore.
The background was left simply grey.

When I shared this image today on Instagram I
received a message suggesting I turn it around.

Turning the canvas is what I usually do as I paint
but today I had left it on an easel to dry.
I hadn’t seen the picture upside down.

I re-posted the painting like this...
and it was a surprise to see a different ‘narrative’.
The energy of the piece had changed.  

This prompted a viewer on Facebook to comment...

“Stunningly storm filled and adventurous.  

I love this. 

It makes me want to be in a harbourside pub,

 with salty windows lashed by ocean spray.

 Whisky, fire and company warming my cheeks, and a lock in.

 Sea shanties and crab pots”

There is no right or wrong way to view this piece.  

Each person brings a different perspective.

Thank you for taking an interest in my art.

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