Saturday, 20 February 2016

All glow..

Favourite Place   Oils on canvas board  10 x 12 inches  

Dawn over the ebb tide and stony beach. 
 The pools pick up the sun's light and give a stained glass appearance to the scene.

Studio Musings...

Viewers by now will know my liking for a little drama in my work.  By nature I do not see myself as dramatic person but I love it in my paintings and in my home.  Recently I painted all four walls in my sitting room black as I wanted a 'Gothic' theme. I am really happy with it. 

Part of being a painter is training my eye and inner voice to notice what is around me.  I hear my little voice telling me to study the colours and shapes in skies, over fields and around the shores.  It comes automatically now each time I am outside.

  Now I realise they must be burned into my mind as these colours and shapes appear in paintings created without anything in front of me.  Particularly in my abstract work.

Here is a painting called 'Shifting Sands'.  It was inspired by a visit to our Lincolnshire coast and I became interested in the erosion of the dunes and weathering over time.

Another painting is 'Passage of Time'...

Both paintings are 20 x 8 inches and can be displayed in both vertical and horontal format.

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