Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Watch your step.

Ascending Light   Oils on canvas board   8 x 8 inches   

A massive post glacial landslip created this cleft in the rocks in a wood near Gradbach in Staffordshire.  I like the light falling on the steps which lead down to 'Lud's Church' at the bottom.   Moss gives the rocks a soft covering.

Studio Musings...

Keeping this loose yet depicting the rocks was an interesting exercise. 
 Light falls from the top of this deep cleft creating a dramatic entrance.
 On exit there is a sense of peace as the walker climbs up towards the light.

One day I will return to this lovely area.

 After displaying the painting on my studio cupboard I was captivated by the light at the top. 
I have changed the title for this piece from 'Stepping down to Lud's Church'. 
 I think 'Ascending Light' gives the painting a stronger focus.

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