Sunday, 14 February 2016

Uphill climb.

Upland, North Moors   Oils on canvas board   10 x 8 inches   SOLD

A view uphill in late evening.
  A full moon shines on lying snow and some tracks down the moor.   

Studio Musings...

Painting at its best...lost in a world of make-believe.  Time passes un-noticed as I create another painting about the dark moors.  The garden goes un-tended but I am not troubled as there will be warmer weather soon to tempt me outside and make a start.

As I worked I noticed the diagonals like a zig-zag pattern and decided to leave them to depict the stone walls and tracks over this bleak moorland.  The place is Lancashire and is a reminder of my stay there one January a few years ago.  It snowed then and this fictional painting is really about my recollection of the occasion.  

Having time and inspiration to paint each day is a great blessing.  

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