Sunday, 28 February 2016

Chasing the sun.

Atmosphere of Light   Oils on canvas board   12 x 10 inches   

Lighting up time.  The big sky has a big impact over the land.

Studio Musings...

I couldn't stay away from skyscapes for long and after setting up
 a fresh unused palette it was a joy to have some clear colour for my brush.

My studio palette is a piece of glass with a sheet of white paper beneath.  I like the feel of the glass under the paint as I mix my colours.  Today it was fresh and clean without the contamination of previous colour mixes.  It isn't changed every day as some previous mixes are useful.  However, there comes a moment when the dried piles of crusty paint is a nuisance.  The blending parts become smaller and mixes can become muddy. 

Muddy paint can be sometimes be used for an under-painting and there are some beautiful greys.  But clear colour was the essence of this painting.  I wanted a glow over the piece.

Time for some housekeeping.  I think it shines.


I know some theorists have views/'rules' about the focal point of a painting being best on the Golden Mean positions.  This painting and it's creator have broken this rule big time as there, slap bang in the middle is my focal point!  Not an ideal place, some might say.

  My horizon line had kept moving as I worked.
  When I stood back from my easel I saw that I had let this happen. 

 Do I wipe it off and re-do it all?  Do I worry?

A definite no.  I think my piece can shout out in defiance...'I am as I am'. 

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