Friday, 19 February 2016

Amongst friends...

Edyth's Hornbeam   Oils on board   13 x 9 inches  

Lovingly planted 32 years ago, this Hornbeam was given to me as a sapling by my friend Edyth for our wild garden.  It shares the paddock with Birches, Hazels and Oaks.  
Autumn...and leaf fall provides a rich orange carpet

  Edyth would be surprised to see it must be 32 feet tall.

Studio Musings...

This simple study of branches and trunks was abstracted with expressive brush marks as I wanted a jumbled appearance with the emphasis on colour and shapes.


  1. Anne, this is a fun up-close-and-personal departure from your broader-view landscapes. Love seeing how you abstracted the scene. Delightful!