Tuesday, 19 November 2019

Carry on calm


‘Suspended in time’

Oils and cold wax medium on 24 x 24 inch canvas 

It’s strange how some things happen.
This painting is not how I imagined it would be.

I began the piece with an under painting 
of Indian yellow and burnt sienna
 without any plan for grey.

Something told me it was finished.
The combination of soft blues and 
grey/browns with glimpses of the 
warm under painting is calming.

I shall let it dry.

Not so with this one...,

‘It was here already long ago’ 

I am losing count of the times it has 
been modified and reworked.

My battle continues...
I cannot let it rest.

I turned it around and added more paint.
Two bold yellow marks were rolled on.
Now I don’t like it.

One yellow mark has to go.
Possibly the top one. 

I have iDoodled some blue over
the yellow on this photograph.

Now it looks quieter.

I like having one patch of yellow.
Less is definitely more as the 
bottom patch carries more weight now. 

What to do about the top?
That is for another day. 

‘Keep calm and carry on’.

Until next time...
Thank you for visiting.

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