Monday, 11 November 2019

What I want me to say.

Something to think about...

I want to share something with you.
What do the words below mean for you?

‘What someone else wants you to say....’

(A few words taken from a 1992 art title 

by Artist Gillian Wearing CBE)

I read those words recently and realised 

how significant they are for me.

 I shall explain.

Once upon a time....

I was influenced by what others thought 

and what they said to me.  

  I am speaking about my art path 

but it can also apply to any aspect in life.   

At first I believed what they said and I asked myself...

Perhaps these people are right? 

 Perhaps I ought to heed their advice and 

do what they thought was best for me

(to ‘say’ in my art). 

 In this case it was about making pictures 

they thought were ‘right’...meaning 

recognisable, easy to understand art 

which says what it is.

Not the ‘difficult to understand’ abstract art 

which says what the artist feels.  

What will I say?...

I realised I didn’t have to say 

what others wanted me to say.

I can say whatever I want in my work.   

I can speak my own art language.

I can say what I feel as I paint.

This is very liberating and it has made 

such a difference in my art journey. 

I can recommend it. 



What I want me to say’... 

  I want me to say ‘yes’ to my abstract art. 


‘A touch of happiness’

Oils and cold wax medium on Arches oil paper 

8 x 8 inches in a black wood float frame.

(A new picture ready for going 

on my stall at the Gainsborough Artisan Fair).

Some of my followers might recognise 

the first painting from my last blog post.

It was a ‘leftover’ using up oils on 

my palette at the end of the day.

Just random ‘abstract’ marks.

I decided to turn it around and 

crop it to fit a frame.   

‘Nature has its beauty brought’

Oils and cold wax medium on Arches oil paper 

8 x 8 inches in a white wood float frame.

I really like it and it is sitting in my home. 

It speaks to me gently,

telling me to follow my own path. 

It says all I want to say in my paintings.

....It will be going to my stall at the

Gainsborough Artisan Fair on 14 December.

That’s all for now...

Until next time

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