Sunday, 24 November 2019

Travelling on.

A long journey 

Just a pause in this ‘saga’.

This painting is one of the most 
 challenging I have ever worked.

On and on it goes, getting heavier 
each time with many layers of oil and wax.

There may be a chink of light visible 
but I am not taking it for granted.  

A detail of the picture.

For the patient readers of this blog
I shall show a few previous 
images of the journey.


The first and second reworks...

Some blues added...
then a stripe of ultramarine, 
some black, some red 
and more back and blue.


Turning the painting round I added yellow...
then I didn’t like it.

On my iPad I doodled some blue 
over the yellow on the photograph.

It did look more restful but after leaving it 
to dry a little I removed all the yellow.
A strange move really as I would have 
liked a small piece of yellow to remain.

The canvas was turned again to place the 
turquoise blue patch at the bottom 
and I began again.

Is there a moral to this story?
I cannot say.

No one said art would be easy.


A few hours after posting this story
I have decided to keep the painting 
as it is and sign it as finished.

‘It was here already long ago’

Oils and cold wax medium on 24 x16 inch canvas 

Until another day...
Thank you for visiting.

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