Friday, 22 November 2019

May I have this dance?


Just for fun, I iDoodled this little 
image on my iPad last week.

It was over a photograph of a 
picture I painted earlier this year.

‘In the mood for red’

The picture came home from
a recent exhibition and after my 
doodling I decided to rework the
piece to add some excitement.

It has taken a few sessions but I 
like it and will leave it to dry now.  

Here it is...

‘Wake up and dance’

There is movement and drama 
along with some narrative.
No reference to the doodle exists..
I wanted to be free from a plan.

I added a lot of different marks and shapes 
whilst keeping a similar colour palette.

Although it is quite busy there are 
some places to rest as my eye 
travels around the canvas.  

The painting can be displayed 4 ways..



That’s all for now...
Thank you for visiting 

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