Monday, 25 November 2019


Brought to life

Gently sloping hills of green.
A new painting drying in my studio.

‘Wherever you lead I will follow you’

Oils and cold wax medium on 20 x 20 inch canvas.

 I was thinking today about 
what we want to ‘see’ in a painting.

A realist landscape like my painting here
may be easy to recognise but 
an abstract landscape can be complex;
sometimes impossible for others to understand.

‘Looking for the silver lining’

Abstract shapes.
A painting I finished earlier this year.  

This large picture might be 
described as non-representational.
 It is more about mystery, colour and texture.

Another piece below has a loose 
reference to a landscape.

(Finished today after a rework).

‘Find me if you can’

20 x 16 inches on canvas 

If we do ‘see’ things in a picture,
it can be said we are bringing it to life...
and each viewer brings a personal perspective.

Below is a seascape painted 
some time ago in my studio.

A loosely worked abstracted piece...easily 
recognisable as a shore but nowhere in particular,
other than memories of the Lincolnshire coast.

However, I don’t think anyone would find 
this difficult to understand.

The picture below was also inspired by the
Lincolnshire marshland but is very different.


Mark-making and shapes are the focus 
and the ‘seascape’ evolved as I worked.

I began to ‘see’ the reference to a coastal 
painting as I drew on my memory, but
viewers will bring their own thoughts and 
feelings if they choose to look into the work.  

This one is very different.

‘Wake up and dance’

Oils and cold wax medium on 52 x 77cm canvas 

So there it is...

Next time you pause and look at any painting...
love it or loathe it, that painting will 
come to life and ‘speak’ to you.

To finish,

I saw this picture (source unknown) 
and a quotation by Andre Malraux.

That’s all for now,
until next time...
thank you for visiting.

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