Monday, 25 May 2015

To frame or not to frame??

Some of my larger abstract pieces on stretched box canvas are not framed at all, they are painted around the edges and hang as they are.  Framing can be expensive for a large piece and my choice might not be what a purchaser would prefer so I am always willing to remove a painting if it is in a frame and sell the piece without.

Whilst float frames are my favourite for stretched canvas, my paintings on board are framed in a simple flat black frame or a hand-painted wood frame. 

Overseas mailing...

At present I ship my little daily paintings without a frame mainly to keep the costs down but also to allow the purchaser to choose their own frame.  

Exhibition and Display... 

I try to have a standardised way of framing my work for exhibitions.   A tip I gleaned from another artist is to paint in a series and have all the frames looking the same as this creates a balanced look.  Grouping similar styles and subjects together works well too.

I do this each time now and as an example, these photos below are from my solo exhibition last year at the Arts and Heritage Centre in Caistor, Lincolnshire.

                                           'Storm Born'       and       'Thoughtful'

                                                              'Suspended Shore'

                                                              'Coastal Features'

                 Abstract landscapes with a reference to nature yet not depicting it directly.

This was a group of paintings in a series

   'Beyond Reality - Colour and Form'

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