Thursday, 14 May 2015

Tools of my trade.

For those who would like to see inside my painting world here is my work tray and some of the oils used for painting.  I like to work with Artists' quality oils as they have better colour and density than cheaper paints.  Many of my oils at present are Winsor and Newton.  I find them easy to use and for faster drying I have some Liquin medium in the little jar lid at the side of my palette.  Just a small amount on my brush mixed with the paint lets the painting usually dry overnight. 

For my palette I am using glass out of some frames.  I put masking tape around the edges for safety and a piece of white paper beneath so I can see my colours as I mix them.

I use acrylic brushes for my small pictures.  They suit my brush strokes and hold plenty of paint.  They need replacing often as I wear them out quickly when I scrub the paint onto the canvas.  

At the end of a session I cover the oils with a plastic tray to keep them viable for the next day.  This little set-up sits on the trolley at the left side of my easel ( I am left-handed).  It is a kitchen trolley and ideal for my spare canvas boards, kitchen roll, reference sketches, photographs, glass jars of white spirit for brush cleaning and other 'stuff'.  

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